Introducing 'The Galby'

We're exicited to introduce our first Mountain Bike specific first aid kit. With our 3rd kit release for our first year, we're stoke to bring a little safety and preparedness to the sport we love dearly. Read more about The Galby below or shop for it here

The Galby

Handmade and packed in Bellingham, WA USA

Inspired by our daily adventures in our own backyard on Galbraith Mountain, The Galby is a consolidated kit designed to aid you in the midst of all your shredding mishaps. 

Whether you're an expert rider or a weekend warrior, we inevitably all have those "Oh @#%!" moments. Having a Galby First Aid kit in your hip pack or backpack can be the difference between carrying on with your ride or calling it quits early. 

The Galby is pack with more than just your basic trail necessities and protected by the highest quality weather-resistant, durable materials. There is truly no other mountain bike kit out that will better prepare you for common trailside injuries.