Welcome to Cascade First Aid!

We're excited to launch our first two products! We've been designing, prototyping, and curating the kit contents to make it perfect for everyone no matter their level of medical expertise.

The first kit making its way into the field is our Traverse First Aid Kit, a basic everyday first aid kit aimed at helping to prepare anyone for their adventure. It's filled with over 30 strategically chosen items and equipped with our Ridgeline Strap (also available as a standalone accessory). Produced using the highest quality materials, the Traverse will keep your contents protected from the elements.

Inspired by our never-ending uses for our backcountry ski straps, the Ridgeline Strap is meant to be used for anything from a standard ski strap to aiding in fracture stabilization.

Our long-term goal is to produce products for people with a varying level of medical training and provide the highest quality kits with the most impressive of contents. Learn more about who we are, what inspired us, and the thought that went into creating our first two products.