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Preparedness: This rating gives the user an idea of what level of medical complication you'll be able to tackle. It ranges from + which addresses basic wound care and prevention, as well as minor medical upsets (by far the most commonly encountered issues) to +++++, which addresses advanced airway management, hemorrhage control, and fracture stabilization. For exact details of contents, please refer to each product's information page.

Duration of Activity: This addresses quantity more than anything. A '+' rating pack is appropriate for 1-2 people for 1 day, whereas a '+++++' rating is appropriate for multi-day group trips. If you're looking for something specific, please contact us at info@cascadefirstaid.org to discuss customized packs.

Everyday Utility: The higher the rating, the more appropriate this is for commonly encountered issues. This rating also emphasizes portability, with a higher rating corresponding to smaller, lighter packs.

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